Writing business

We have been in writing business for the last six years. Our writers are highly qualified and extremely talented. We offer guaranteed customer satisfaction to all our customers. Go through the reasons in detail of why you should choose our services for your academic papers.

How do you ensure quality of service?

We use a strict quality assurance process to review the paper before it is sent to you. Our quality assurance team ensures that the paper is free from plagiarism, addresses all of your requirements, is written with correct grammar, and has no spelling mistakes. Please read our guarantee.

Who are your writers?
Our writers come fromВ all walks of life. We select only highly-qualified and experienced writers, who love writing and are able to demonstrate their experience in academic writing. Our team of writers includes CPAs, MBAs, Engineers, Doctors, Artists, Lawyers, and professionals of other fields.

Why are your prices higher than those of some competitors?
We offer the best-in-class quality. Our writers spend time and effort to search for material before writing the paper. Thus the prices cannot be low. In addition, we provide you with theВ best value for your money. Read our pricing policy.

Will I be getting discounts?
With every order you will earn customer loyalty points. You can use these points to obtain discounts. In addition, we frequently offer discount weeks during which all orders placedВ in the 7-day period will be given a fixed percentage of discount on the regular prices.

How much time will it take you to write my paper?
It depends upon you. While making the order you can also decide the deadline. We guarantee timely delivery of your paper. The prices are inversely related to time. В For example, if you want your paper completed in one week, you may have to pay slightly more than whenВ the deadline is set as two weeks.

Will my payment be secured?

Absolutely. We use an online payment system to ensure the security of transactions. В Yet whenВ you feel your credit cardВ has been chargedВ more money than the mutually agreed cost, please contact us immediately.
What about my privacy?
We are aware of the fact that privacy is of utmost importance in this business. We guarantee that your personal information will not be shared with anyone, including the writers that will be working on your order. Read our privacy policy for details.

How will I contact the writer assigned to my order?
Once your order is picked up by a writer, you can be in contact with that writer by logging into our website and going to your order page. Both you and your writer can communicate using the message panelВ on the order page. To ensure privacy we do not allow email communication between our customers and writers.

Can I buy a ready-made paper instead of waiting for the writer to write one?
No. We create custom-developed papers for each ofВ our customers. Our papers are not reusable, nor do we allow our writers to send the same paper to two customers, even if the requirements are exactly the same. This is because of our zero tolerance towards plagiarism.